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    • For graduates to empower them along life’s journey.
    • For someone who needs to believe in themselves again
    • For someone finally ready to go after their dreams

  • One-Minute Inspirations
    For anyone who needs an attitude “vitamin” filled with self-empowerment
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Empowering Books


  • Your Inner Cheerleader –Secrets and Strategies of Successful Cheerleaders

    Kindle book on Amazon

    Your Inner cheerleader width=


    "I love Terri Marie's book, her and her message.
    It gives you the power to fulfill your dreams.
    It plugs you into the source of magic and niracles."

    --Joe Vitale
    Star of "The Secret"


  • The Solution is at Hand – How to find Opportunities based on the life of the
    legendary Dottie Walters (thesolutionisathand.com)

    The Solution is at Hand
    "I know you are going to get great value
    from all fourteen wonderful Life Lessons from Dottie's story."

    --Jack Canfield.
    Co-creator of "The Chicken Soup for the Soul" series.

    Kindle book on AMAZON

  • One-Minute Inspirations – Amazing little messages to empower, awaken, and change your attitude quickly

    One Minute Inspirations
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  • Preview Call – 30 minutes – $75


  • Weekly Coaching Call – 1/2 hour – $100 Session
    * Bonus: 1 email emergency help per week

  • Monthly Coaching Call – 1 hour – $250 Session
    * Bonus: 2 email emergency help per month

  • Tune Up – 15 minutes – $75 Session

Contact: info@terri-marie.com



Success and Spiritual Mp3s

  • The Solution is at Hand (thesolutionisathand.com) – Rare Interviews from the woman who broke through more glass ceiling than any woman of her era.  $27
  • New Spiritual Masters (newspiritualmasters.com) – Nine Insightful Interviews from men and woman who successfully merged spirituality with prosperous careers.  $17




  • The Heart of Skiing $24.95  Legendary ski champion, Olympic Gold Medalist, Stein Eriksen gives a lifetime of excellent skiing advice. Filmed in Deer Valley Resort, Utah. www.amazon.com


Do You Need Some Beautiful Music?

  • One Voice - Pure Native American music, drums and vocals of the traditional chants of Taos Pueblo, New Mexico also available from Amazon.com

  • Luna

    "Excellent example of Native American Music."
    --Heartsong Review

  • Luna Trece - Enticing South American music also available from CD Baby and Amazon
  • Luna

    "Each selection is a gem"
    --Musik International

  • Sisters of the Dream - This Beloved and popular album also available from Amazon.com
  • Sisters

    "Spiritual vocals and beautiful instrumentals."
    --Tower Records

  • Song for My Ancestors – Stunningly beautiful Celtic music also available from Amazon.com
  • Song

    "Incredibly lovely."
    --Monthly Aspectarian.

    "Put on your wings and go, if you can fly this high!"

    --Napra Trade Journal