Terrie Marie

Dolphin Delirium

2005 By Terri Marie

2010 Photo by Terri Marie


Puffing sprays bursting the waters

The orchestra emerges

Soaring slick black notes

Leap and sing with oceanic urges

A symphony of flashing white chords

Erupts the silver staccato plain

Breathing waves trumpet

Their happy sonar refrain

Ocean's breath, heaven's laughter

The delicate dolphin

Magical flying mammal

Those Mermaids and Merlins

The dolphin team, offense

Lunges ahead

Waking the waters

With each wave they've read

Would that I could

Explode with such joy

As these black sub cruise missiles

Delightfully deploy

Dolphin daredevils fling

White-bottomed bodies high

While replicated dolphin babies

Fly on their mama's side

The flippers quiver with an oh la la

Frolicking friends join this water gala

In groups of triplets and twins

Let the maritime fun win

Dolphin delirium

Mad with so much joy

The energy given

Reforms, renews, employs

A gray cloud of smoke puffs through

The open moon roof of the car next door

Somehow, it's just not the same

Give me the dolphins once more


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