Terrie Marie


2005 By Terri Marie


There's nothing like poetry with its luxurious rich imagery to sparkle up my brain and light up my life


Must be the pull of the equator

Circulating horizon regulator

That causes the surfers to drift south

From the cave of the trembling Pacifics mouth


As Zephyrs across the light blue canvas fly

Gobbling up the tender sky

And the sun mirrored gently on the ocean wall

Glistens to the southern call


When all is moving, only the sand and the blueness

Take a temporary stall

And ship shaped sea gulls

Turn their hulls


And the south pulls the wave riders

And the water and the rays of light penetration

In her daily longitudinal migration


Pulls the clouds around like clay

Instantly fresh, never a replay

Pulls the wind southward too

Pulls the water pulls the blue


And all drifts south so ever south

Riding the trade winds

South becomes north and the night begins


As it pulls the water

The light and the blue away

Gives us the night

Takes back the day


And we can pretend the north wind blows

When the south really inhales

The south breathes the sky

Gasping it grows the gales


As it takes its relentless deep breath...away


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