Terrie Marie

Gasoline Vampires

Copyright 2005 By Terri Marie


Part 1.

The vast oil vampire sinks in the fangs deep

Gets bolder daily with devious leaps

Sends the damages to greater heights

Comes back nightly for each fresh new bite


In from the underworld, comes the rat

With gluttonous skill, that vampire grows fat

As our financial blood gets cold, gets lean

The big dark monster picks us clean


Not from Transylvania, but within our own soil

Comes the monster bold, slick with his oil

Grips us by our transportation throats

Fills our carriages with the poison he promotes


He binds us in his greasy vice

All bitten now we pay the price

It goes up once, then doubles twice

As the vampire leers, steel eyes of ice.


He will not reveal his deep, dark face

But cuts us in our helpless place

We pay him our silver, he eats that too

Gone not a trace, but the vampire clue


He giggles with glee as America throbs

Plunders pitiless, rapes us and robs

From his devouring, relentless pursuit we are reeling

He finds our financial veins so appealing


We offer our strangled American necks

When the oil vampire comes, turn over our checks

While he continues on his daily binge

When will he break our tolerance hinge?


Part 2.

As he bites to the core, on throats bitten and sore

The question is how can we give any more?

He keeps rising again as we continue to pour

Where can we hide from the endless black gore?


The oil troll demands for each bridge we cross

The toll high and bold, building the loss

Can we live without the beast abhorred?

Can we cut the cord to the oil lord?

Will we pull the covers further over our heads

And turn the other cheek to the vampire instead?

Keep our necks exposed just above the line

For our vessels blood the vampire pines


Let us rid the beast of his nightly feast

Who preys on the ones who can pay the least

It will continue til we stop our whining

About his gorging lunches, and heartless dining


Oil is a gift or a curse of earth

Not for just one to eat all of its worth

The fluid is our inheritance all

Not to the monster who makes his nightly calls


When we stick out our necks and declare "Enough!"

We will show the vampire that we, too, are tough

If we stay tight in our homes, as his mouth starts to foam

Withhold our vehicle's necks, refuse to roam

No the beast must be brought into the bright true day

And he will release his grip and fade away

Without the monster breathing down our necks

We will keep more of our take home checks


If we stand firm with our necks denied

And ride instead on American pride

Not on the back of the hideous brute

That took us on a perilous ride


One day he will be gone, the nightmare ended

His bites and curses apprehended

We will tell of times when he descended away

Sing that bygone serenade of the ole gasoline days


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